In-Person Services COVID19

By God’s mercy, we received the new from the Province of BC that in-person, indoor religious gatherings were once again permitted. We have a COVID safety plan in place to ensure that we fulfill all the requirements and precautions of BC’s Public Health Order. All of the same precautions and processes that we used for in-person services from July to November are in place once again:

  • If you are not feeling well, please stay at home and attend online. 
  • Masks are required for all attendees, except children under 12 years of age, where it is optional (per the BC Public Health Order Variance), and they can be momentarily removed in order to partake of Holy Communion. 
  • Pre-Registration is required, please sign up for only one or two Divine Liturgies to begin with, as a courtesy to ensure all of our parishioners can return to Church. If there are additional spaces near the end of the month, please feel free to sign up for additional services. 
  • Registration is also now also required for Vespers, so please do prioritize attending this service as well. The Holy Mystery of Confession will be available, as usual, after Vespers on Saturday evenings. 
  • Please try to arrive 10-15 minutes early in advance of services so you have time to check in and find your place in the Church. For Vespers the Doors will be locked at 6:05pm, and for Divine Liturgy at 9:45am, so that the hosts can also participate in the services. If you have registered and arrive late, please knock, and hopefully someone can let you in. 
  • Our hosts will assist you to follow the guidelines and help you to find your place in the Church.   
  • A brief health check is required prior to entry, to confirm that there are no COVID19 symptoms, or potential exposures, or recent international travel, etc. 
  • Everyone must sanitize their hands upon entering the Church; 
  • Physical distancing is required (except among people from the same household). 
  • According to the current requirements of the Public Health Order, please do your best to refrain from singing in services at this time. We know this is challenging, but are hopeful and confident that everyone will be able to sing again soon, but only the assigned singers and readers should do so at this time. 
  • As difficult as it is, as we are filled with joy to be together and see each other in person, please refrain from gathering together in groups to socialize after services. A brief greeting and word is of course okay. We will be able to do much more of this again soon – and we are looking forward to it!