A Tale of Two Missions: Holy Apostles’ @ Ruth & Naomi’s

The people of our Holy Apostles Mission Station here in Chilliwack have been looking for some ways to serve our surrounding community. A great opportunity came up recently to serve supper at Ruth and Naomi’s Mission in downtown Chilliwack, a compassionate ministry providing food, shelter, and variety of other supports. Pasta, a hearty and delicious meat sauce, salad, and garlic bread. Nothing fancy, but a terrific meal, prepared with love.


Ruth and Naomi’s Mission, Chilliwack, serves approximately 150 people a nourishing supper each night.

Many people came together from Holy Apostles to shop, cook, serve, and clean up after supper to about 120 people at Ruth and Naomi’s. Thanks to all of you who served! It was a simple action, but it made a difference in the lives of people who – without it – may have gone hungry that night. The Holy Apostles Mission Station strives to offer whatever help we can, joining in with the good work already happening in our local community of Chilliwack. It was a blessing to serve, and we hope to be back at Ruth and Naomi’s again sometime soon.

Here are some pictures from our evening at Ruth and Naomi’s.